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Met ruim 16.000 wortelkanaalbehandelingen op haar naam is onze tandarts een zeer ervaren endodontoloog in Antwerpen.

Wanneer kies je voor een wortelkanaalbehandeling?
Kiezen en tanden bestaan uit één of meerdere wortels en een kroon. Datgene u ziet is de kroon. De wortels ziet u niet. Die wortels zitten verankerd onder uw tandvlees in de kaak. Door iedere wortel loopt een kanaal, het wortelkanaal genoemd. Hierin zitten kleine bloedvaten en zenuwvezels. Dit weefsel wordt ook wel pulpa genoemd. Wanneer het weefsel ontstoken geweest is of ontstoken is, wordt door de tandarts een wortelkanaalbehandeling uitgevoerd. Door een lekkende vulling of tandbederf kan uw tandweefsel ontstoken raken. Een klap op uw tand kan ook een aanleiding zijn. Maar meestal zijn bacteriën de oorzaak van de ontsteking. Dus heeft u tandpijn / kiespijn bij het drinken van warme of koude dranken? Dit is mogelijk een eerste signaal. De ontsteking kan variëren van weinig tot geen klachten tot hevige pijnklachten. Om te vermijden dat het ontstoken tandweefsel zal afsterven moet het door uw tandarts verwijderd worden. Indien het niet wordt verwijderd, kan de ontsteking zich uitbreiden naar uw kaakbot met als gevolg dat het kaakbot rondom de kiezen en tanden verloren kan gaan. Uiteindelijk kan er zoveel kaakbot verdwijnen dat de tanden en kiezen los komen te staan of zelfs uitvallen. Een kaakbotontsteking kan u opmerken bij het dichtbijten. Uw kies of tand kan dan te hoog aanvoelen.

Hoe snel kan ik bij Euro Dent terecht?
Tandartspraktijk Euro Dent Belgie Voor het uitvoeren van een wortelkanaalbehandeling hebben wij geen wachttijden. Bij ons kan u altijd binnen een paar dagen terecht voor een wortelkanaalbehandeling en in spoedgevallen vaak zelfs binnen 24 uur, ook als u doorverwezen bent door uw eigen tandarts. Mits uw toestemming plannen wij onze afspraken zodanig in dat er voldoende tijd is om meteen te starten met de wortelkanaalbehandeling. De eerste afspraak is dus niet enkel en alleen een consult, maar tevens de start van uw wortelkanaalbehandeling.
U kan snel bij ons terecht en wij helpen u meteen voort zodat u verder geen pijn hoeft te lijden.
Wat als je doorverwezen bent door je eigen tandarts?
Indien je doorverwezen bent door je eigen tandarts voor een wortelkanaalbehandeling, dan contacteert u ons telefonisch of per mail voor een afspraak. Gelieve altijd de verwijsbrief en eventuele foto mee te nemen. Als uw tandarts de verwijsbrief en eventuele foto al naar ons heeft gemaild, dan hoeft u deze uiteraard niet meer mee te nemen.

Wat wordt er gedaan tijdens een wortelkanaalbehandeling?
Tijdens een wortelkanaalbehandeling wordt het ontstoken tandweefsel verwijderd door de tandarts. Tandweefsel dat ontstoken is geneest niet meer. Het is een proces dat onomkeerbaar is. Om die reden haalt de tandarts het ontstoken tandweefsel weg. Een wortelkanaalbehandeling wordt ook wel kanaalbehandeling of zenuwbehandeling genoemd. In vaktermen noemt het een endodontische behandeling. Een wortelkanaalbehandeling gebeurt onder plaatselijke verdoving. Er wordt steeds eerst een röntgenfoto genomen. Nadat de tandarts deze foto heeft geanalyseerd, kan zij haar diagnose stellen en dit met u bespreken. Indien u de behandeling wil ondergaan, dan maakt de tandarts eerst uw kies of tand open en verwijdert het ontstoken weefsel. Daarna wordt het kanaal gereinigd met kleine vijltjes en wordt het gespoeld met een desinfecterende spoelvloeistof. Hierna worden de kanalen gevuld. Om de wortelkanaalbehandeling af te sluiten maakt de tandarts uw tand of kies weer dicht met een vulling.

1) De kies is geopend
2) De tandarts maakt de wortelkanalen schoon met een speciaal vijltje

3) De wortelkanalen zijn afgesloten met vulmateriaal en de kies is voorzien van een vulling
4) Enige tijd later is de ontsteking verdwenen
Als er twee afspraken nodig zijn voor de wortelkanaalbehandeling dan gebeurt het proces in twee fasen. Ook tijdens en/of na afloop van de wortelkanaalbehandeling maakt de tandarts nog één of meerdere röntgenfoto’s, zo kan zij goed zicht houden op de voortgang. Wanneer de tand of kies is verzwakt, kan er in een later stadium nog een kroon nodig zijn. Een tand of kies die op deze wijze behandeld is, kan vaak nog een lange tijd mee. Als u doorverwezen bent naar ons door uw eigen tandarts, ontvangt uw tandarts een rapportage met foto’s van ons.


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The Flyingdentistebook

The Flyingdentistebook

TheFlyingDentistebook chapter II
The efforts of my family were huge, and so the visions for a better future.We got to the Big day. Leaving all behind on our way to the airport. The taxi driver was some relatives acquaintance, and he was showing his happiness about our departure to a new life. It was dark evening, I was very excited, looking out the window of the car, asking myself if ever I will see those trees, houses, places again, wondering what is there in the new unknown place. While standing at drop off counters at the airport, few police persons came to my father. “Hello, you are Mr.Simon? Yes – said my dad, Please accompany us.”

My father’s face expression get very cold.He was stepping slowly, accompanied by the cops of the national border police.We were looking his steps until he disappeared from our visibility. My mother took my sister and me aside to seat down. My mother’s face turned in a white color assembling quite well with the walls of the airport. An Israeli security person, next to the drop off counters, came to ask us if she feels good, and he already held a glass of some sweet drink he handed to her and asked her to drink.I was seating there next to my mom wondering what could go wrong now, that they took my father? It felt like an endless road full of worry and stress around all the family members.

We were waiting about 20 minutes, but it looked like endless.Suddenly I have seen my father coming back. We were curious to see what was all about; I was happy to see him return.I started to run towards him, suddenly I get closer, and from the happy moment it turned in an unpleasant, while I felt his hard hand slapping my face.His hard hands suddenly on my arm pulling me fast.He was going fast back to my mothers and sisters seating place, with angriness on his face, yelling at me: “You should be punished, shame on you for all your stupid games and this behavior!!!! “I started to cry I couldn’t understand what he wants from me, what have I done wrong. The man was so furious that it was hard to calm him down.After few seconds he started to talk: “ they asked where we were yesterday, and with whom were the kids, a million questions until they get to the point that our daughter named Elizabeth Simon, carved in the Old Bucharest synagogue her name in the praying table while she did damage to the synagogue.”

Finally, they asked my father to pay all our pocket money, to let us leave now. I tried to hold back my tears and to cry in silence.My soul was hearted, fear and worry took over. I knew my childhood is over; everyone expects me to be an adult and act like that, my curiosity is pushed away, I will never be able to find out how things work in this world, or to invent something.I was very sad, dissapointed and mad on the whole situation why they have to pull me out from where I grow up.

Our faces lightened up at the moment we get the stamped passports, and we crossed the border. My father tried to soften his behavior to me by offering me a hot chocolate milk, but I refused. I didn’t need anything only myself. We stepped in the plain. Happiness and sadness mixed all together in a soul of 11 years old girl. They placed me in between my sister and my mom – so I couldn’t touch anything or try some buttons due my high level of curiosity.

The crew was very friendly they offered me all kind of sweets and the kids drawing kits.I felt the airplane’s engines in full power before take off. Images of my best friend Andi and my Dog, where in front of me wondering if I will see them again.

The plane started to move and accelerate his speed on the runway while the noise of the engines, where painful in my ears, I placed my head in the back and felt like all my loved ones are pulled away.

August 2015 Canada Toronto

Seating in a personal/business development lecture, during a five days course with the well-known Bob Proctor, while he is explaining about paradigm and law of attraction, I realize that I have been in those moments, I suddenly articulate with the descriptions of the lecture while he was explaining the blockage from success.

We all want to solve the secrets of success so that we will be ready to enrich our way of life for the fullest. We all wish to feel the feeling to be profitable not merely in a brief period of time but throughout our lifetime. Because of this desire for success, we’re subsequently likely and motivated to try every possible means towards the satisfaction of our ambitions – that’s to improve our lives and start to become profitable all the way through.

Napoleon Hill Law of Success includes towards enriching our lives vital views which we’re able to utilize as guidance inside our way. Moreover, the guide can be in direct regards to the science to getting rich – it would teach people methods on how best to acquire wealth of controlling that prosperity as well as the appropriate ways. In crystal clear, Napoleon Hill Law of success is to enriching life, the greatest method.

There are fifteen regulations of success that have been mentioned in the guide. Positively, these regulations are learnable so there should not be doubt whether these regulations can fundamentally direct us into a lifestyle that is successful or not. We could utilize and employ these guidelines inside our lifestyles.

Today the planet is becoming worldwide, that jumping on the jet live to another place on Earth isn’t a problem anymore. Each year a large number of individuals proceed to a different country and try new opportunities. They may be transferring thoroughly or quickly to begin a life. But though it is very typical today, immigration is one of the most adventures, activity in the life, along with the lack of family members, disease and also breakup.

I’m sure there is extra information accessible today than when I immigrated with my parents.Web sites full of information, meetups to learn from others and experience local social life. In any way, it’s a challenging lifestyle while each country has his particular rules and laws about everything.

Some countries are well known friendly some less, but in general, I experienced that this fear can be destructive, while you must learn how to shift and learn to deal with your fears and visualize the best you want in your life to block the unpleasant outcomes.This secret is not so well known, and many don’t know hoe to interpret it. Visualize, plan and believe in yourself you can make it. The success is there, and I can tell you many times I run against all the chances, succeeded but failed after due to fear.

Tel Aviv,  Israel  1980

caravan in the immigration camp

We stepped off the plane and were taken to a special area for immigration.We were welcomed by the immigration officers with applauses like Rock  Stars from Hollywood.

It was very welcoming, and pleasant they have done them at most to reduce the fear from the new immigrants. We were offered food and drinks, and at late night a taxi took us to an immigrant camp in the middle of Israel.

The night was hot, I was so tired that I couldn’t see where I am going, I was happy to place my head on a pillow, and I fell asleep.

Very intense light weak me up from my deep sleep, I awaken, and it was 6.30 am, all the family members still were asleep. It was other smell in the air, a sound of water sprinklers all around. I looked out the window, and I saw only green grass and a huge park around us.

Wow, we arrived in heaven!!! I was thinking, it’s a dream, and continued my sleep.

Morning arrived, I was visualizing the Landing on Moon.Now we started to discover every item in the flat, rooms kitchen living room, we opened the door, and a boiling thick air fulfilled the flat. Then I stepped out while I realized that I am on some steel stairs 3-4 stairs down, and I stood in an enormous green park, looking back, and I realize that I slept in a caravan.

“Ohhhh that’s cool,  come fast, and see that !!!!,” I was shouting at the others. It was an amazing start I was running all over happy in those huge fields, feeling the freedom and feeling my body was all wet.

Until today I think it was the best part of the immigration and I am grateful for the Israeli State, for the immigration package they are giving until today for new immigrants. It’s very helpful, and families can start up and integrate into a new life. Language courses, and many other benefits.

I have seen many things in the world and, in very limited countries exists those welcoming packages if at all.Mainly they are very limited, and when people get to use them the Authorities will come up with all kind of conditions, that will ensure governments to keep in them pocket the budgets.

In 2009 I experienced it in The Netherlands. Dutch authorities announced opportunities for dental surgeons.Many jobs were listed with reduced taxes to fill up the gap they created by them selfs in the field.People left them own countries with families or without and, migrated for better jobs and income.  After one or two years those benefits that were promised and legally issued for ten years were taken off by the tax authorities, under all kind of preconditions and explanations.

Nevertheless, migrations were not easy then, and they are still not easy today, each period, the geographic place have them own properties that still holds an immigration as a high stressed adventure.

Everything was nice; I was happy with my new discoveries in the immigration camp, new kids, new friends, and all get to understandings and mutual agreements , by using the hands and pantomime language. It was a great time; all understand each other despite the origin, language or academic level.

After the nice weekend in the new home country started the new week with the first day of the new homeland school.

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SEO Healthcare Amsterdam

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Welcome to the Global Dentistry Blog, an SEO Healthcare Amsterdam service

Before, most medical companies as well as their companies focused on standard ways of promotion to achieve results. Tv ads, print advertising, and mainstream PRs were all mainstays of most strategies; but effective activities might be very expensive. The advancement of the internet has totally changed marketing for medical businesses, hospitals, and providers. Most locate incorporating conventional healthcare marketing with website marketing methods minimize expenses and develop greater benefits than conventional methods alone.
Healthcare Online-Marketing Requires Less Production Time And Cost

One of the priciest components of conventional advertising may be the cost of fabricating the advertisements and print advertising. It requires both income and time to effectively produce a 30-minute advertisement position to be shown on TV, and obtaining airtime is usually difficult and costly.
Organizations will pay a yearly charge for domain name property, a monthly cost for web hosting service, and much smaller chunks for the healthcare internet marketing organizations which they use to reduce costs. Producing a webpage and applying online marketing could decrease the number of professional and print advertisements you will require throughout every season to market your clinic or healthcare business.


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Search Engine Marketing Offers An Easy Increase

Search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO agencies can produce optimized content on their own, often in a few days. The information requires specific ability to make and does require companies to spend somewhat of income for it, but it offers a fast and simple raise in advertising with less investment property in the long run.

SEO depends upon keywords that are handpicked to grab the attention of search engines, making your business list higher on your selected phrases. The higher you’re inside the rankings, a lot more likely you’re can be found by people seeking your assistance. SEO can be a fraction of the price of conventional methods, however several firms find it considerably more effective.

Some Strategies Have No Cost Whatsoever

Unlike conventional strategies, some components of internet marketing are fully cost-free. Corporations don’t have to pay for Twitter, Fb, LinkedIn, or many other methods which are widespread in healthcare website marketing. The resulting plan is much less expensive as the true running expense is nonexistent, while they could choose to pay for the advice of a skilled advertising firm. Furthermore, small businesses will often try out these approaches for themselves before they are able to manage professional direction. When itis zero cost, it’s universally affordable.

Online and Offline Healthcare Marketing Offers Better Results At Prices

The best reason many in the market are currently changing from traditional marketing alone to your combination of net and standard healthcare marketing is, it really is merely less expensive along with the return on the expense is better, since they are ready to attain more people. For some organizations, you will find great advantages for making certain they’re applying every bit of advertising space available.

To your next large health plan, make sure to support all your standard healthcare marketing methods with web techniques for maximum benefits!

MedMarketing Online

SEO services Healthcare Amsterdam